Learning Language is a Priceless Treasure

Learning Language is a Priceless Treasure - Learn Foreign languages Fast :

Man, as he is a social being, forms a social group. The speech and other mode of communication emerged from the basic need of expressing one’s feelings or thoughts to the other person. And that too in the spirit it meant to be.  

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Researchers have not been able to find out why we, as one human race, speak so many different languages. Many myths have various theories on the variety of languages that exist in the world. Our ‘tree of wisdom’ is also one such myth that states that perhaps there was a common language spoken amongst the humans before the ‘great flood’. Communication process is the accurate exchange of thoughts between the sender and the receiver. Communication can mar or make a relationship, be it professional, personal, social, or business. One should ensure that the receiver understands the exactly what one is saying.

So many times we have to apologise saying “I did not mean to say that, what I meant was this…..” The fault lay not with the receiver but us as we did not communicate our views in the language he understands. We wouldn’t talk to a small child as we would to an adult. How we talk to our friends or relatives varies from situation to situation. Sometimes we are really formal with members of our own family when an outsider is present. It is imperative that there is proper usage of language. Good language skills are an asset that will promote a lifetime of effectual communication.

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We can call language a passport to wisdom. It creates instant connection. The importance of language cannot be belittled. Basically all languages are actually pretty similar. Mainly the differences are in alphabet, pronunciation, and grammar with the syntax generally staying the same.

Usually we overlook the psychological aspect of good language. The other person is likely to trust you more if he finds you speaking fluently in correct language. It not only removes the barriers, creates trust but also enhances our own knowledge and intellect. This is an important step in building strong and lasting relationships that ensure the success in life.  So get ready to learn foreign language's and also learn English, learn Chinese, learn Japanese, learn German and Learn French from World languages Centre Pitampura Delhi.