Why Learning a Language is Important

Why Learning a Language is Important – Choose Best Language Courses in Delhi

“One who speaks only one language is one person, but one who speaks two languages is two people.”   ‒Turkish Proverb

Learning a Foreign language Course is important

We are not born with the gift of language, but we are born with the gift of a voice which is fine tuned to the first language that we learn. The language is a societal conversation tool which we all inherit, by the virtue of being born in different regions of the word, and the regional language becomes our first friend. Language is the key to any heart because without words, whether written or spoken, nothing will make any sense.  It is not only a tool for expressing thoughts and sentiments, but is the fundamental representation of a social identity of a person.  Learning a new language comes with its own set of perks and positive attributes. Primarily, learning a new language boosts the power of the human brain. Getting used to the etymology, structure, grammar and pronunciation challenges our brain to interpret and learn new things.  It is scientifically proven that multilingual people are also excellent at multitasking. Changing one’s language requires practice, not only for the tongue but also for the brain to shift between different language mechanics. This trains our mind to juggle between various things with proficiency.

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 Benefits of Learning a Language Course

Many people believe that a new language only means a new set of words, but the benefits are deep rooted. Polyglots or multi lingual people are proven to have better decision making skills, because a student of language has to frequently judge the vernacular expressions and correct grammar usage while shifting from one language to another. This ability polishes the skill to decide quick and correctly.  The mechanics of a foreign language are taught in a way that they are juxtaposed with English or the first language of the learner. This ensures that the student not only takes keen interest in the foreign language, but his skills in his first language are also polished, in order to aid better understanding.  A new language deepens the roots of the first language of the speaker. Besides these amazing benefits, a foreign language also opens many new doors for learning new cultures, and most importantly, it enables a student to run on a path of self- actualization and discovery, something which no one realises initially. Learning a foreign a language gives you an insight into a different heritage and makes you aware of how you view the world. The professional and personal benefits of learning a new language are apparently innumerable and the perfect form of exercise for the brain. The best part is that there is no age limit or specific criteria required to learn a language. You just need an inquisitive brain and a willingness to learn, that is all!

From Where to Learn a Language course in Delhi

 After understanding the importance of learning a language, it is essential to choose the right course and the right institute that will cater to your needs.  ‘World Languages Centre’ is your one stop destination for all language learning needs. . Our plethora of services not only includes well-crafted language courses in English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Arabic, French and Japanese, but we also offer corporate training and translation services. What sets us apart is the benign fact that our courses are flexible in nature, and tailor made to suit to the needs of our students.  Our students are like our extended family, and a small class size ensures that our trainers give undivided individual attention to every student in their classes. Besides our regular class sessions, we have an impressive list of visiting faculty which are native speakers and provide extensive sessions on the correct accent training and methodology to learn a language.


English and Chinese are undoubtedly, the two major languages of the world currently and a fair knowledge of them is imperative in many commercial sectors in today’s time. Some major factors that encourage us to learn Chinese today are:

1.       China as a country is witnessing a growth by leaps and bounds every day, and there is no visible sign of a pause. This gradual growth is naturally appealing to all the countries in the world who are major traders with the Chinese, and their businesses rely heavily on them.

2.       Although English is an important language in China, however, many people in regional areas are not comfortable with the language and Mandarin Chinese is the preferred choice. In this type of a scenario, lack of any kind of knowledge regarding Chinese language only plays as a dampener for many business men who travel to China often for buying their material.

3.       Even if you subtract the commercial value and aspect of learning the Chinese language, and consider learning it for pure fun, there is no denying the fact that it is one of the most challenging and fun languages to learn and speak!

Talking about English language, there is no more ‘want’ for this language but a desperate, urgent ‘need’ to know and speak English. The language might not be the first language of many countries; however it is an omnipresent entity in all parts of the world. English language has such a strong presence, that one cannot even try to escape from it. Let’s have a look at some of the major reasons to learn English:

1.       It is the most common language in the world and therefore you are bound to definitely find an English speaker, even if you are stranded on a lonely island!

2.       The fact that speaking English will make you bilingual, and therefore will also increase your chances of employability, is hard to deny.

3.       English language is based on an alphabet system and not a symbol system, so it is not very time consuming to learn.

4.       It is the language of the music and film industry in ‘Hollywood’, which means that you cannot only pick an accent; you also no longer need to rely on subtitles!

Besides these fun facts, English and Chinese are two major game changers of any industry in the world today and a fair knowledge of these languages will catapult anybody to a secure place in commercial success and make them a polyglot.

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Final Thought

‘Life is a series of adventures marked by the myriad of experiences it offers, because after all we are a sum of our experiences, and not our belongings.’  At World Languages Centre, we believe that learning a language is not just a part of a curriculum or a task at hand, but it is a wholesome experience in itself. We sincerely aim to serve our students with dedicated commitment, because in fulfilling individual goals, our central goal of imparting learning is fulfilled. We invite you to gift yourself this dexterous gift of language, and give us an opportunity to build that gift for you.

If you are planning to learn Chinese language, or enroll in a German language course, French language course or  take Spanish language classes, then you are most welcome to take a ‘demo’ class with us at World Languages Centre, Pitampura.