Era of Language

The Era of Languages- A world full of opportunities

My idea of a perfect date would be going to a fancy restaurant with my British boyfriend, having wine and dancing to live music. Well, there are a lot of hurdles to my fairy tale.

Firstly, I don’t have a boyfriend. Even if I was able to kidnap Benedict Cumberbatch, voodoo him into believing that I was the love goddess he has to worship, still my date wouldn’t sail smoothly.



How could I pronounce the names of the exquisite French wines and how on earth could I understand the soothing Spanish words with the guitar? This is where WLC comes into play. Yes, I am not just funny, I will engage your interest in my honest review about the premier leading language institute (c’mon, a girl’s gotta pay her bills).

When you get down at the Pitam Pura metro station, your eyes get laid on the nearby WLC board as easily as your eyes will get laid on the several showrooms with shoes and clothes (true love is shoes and butter chicken). Anyway, coming back to the point, you can easily walk a few steps to WLC where the air conditioned premises will take care of the hot and humid weather.

I’ve decided to learn at least one foreign language and its culture by the end of this year. Maybe I could learn Chinese at WLC and travel to China someday and have authentic char siu, without having to pay for a translator.

Or I think I should stick to learning French only. Or Arabic. I am so confused, so many beautiful languages (btw, WLC has them all). Since I’ve established the fact that I’ve the attention span of a gold fish, I’ll come back to my distracted review. The centre is a neat, clean and sharp place with immaculate interiors.

Not too overdone and not too dull, the environment is rather stimulating with the posters and other fact sheets. The classes are very well lit and the seating is comfortable. My favourite part about the class rooms is the smart interactive board in the multimedia room. The class isn’t the boring copy-from-the-board type. With the innovative technology provided, the audio-visual experience makes learning fun.





I won’t over sell the place, but I am very appreciative of their teaching faculty. The teachers make sure that when you walk out of the classroom, you know what you’re learning and it’s not just scribbling in some notebooks. All of them are thorough professionals with their educational degrees adorning the walls of their respective homes. But what hasn’t been all flowers and hearts for me, is their privacy policy. There was this super cute guy in the Chinese class and the management didn’t give me his number even after several bouts of severe perseverance.

Anyway, I saw him for the first time during the native Chinese speaker session and I took up the mission to hone my stalking skills.

He was a student in the advanced level course who had planned on taking a job in the interpretation field with the help of WLC’s employment programme in tie up with the leading MNCs. He never talked to me and I’ve been sulking like a heart broken hyena ever since.

From what I’ve heard, he is doing pretty well in his life with a stable job and decent salary. Since you’re not interested in my sad love life, I’ll put a halt to it for now. My experience at WLC has been worthwhile.

I realized the new world of opportunities that the beautiful languages can open for us. Languages connect us and help us exchange ideas and ideologies.

There are various career options if you’re dedicated enough to master the art. Mostly people take up the job of an interpreter where you interpret the conversation in person or live. It is an exciting field due to the lucrative salary and also because you get to meet new people and the work is usually lively.

Freelancing is one way of doing it, but you can also associate with a company for stability in income. Another option can be a translator, where you translate written documents. It is more convenient as people are taking it up as stay-at-home jobs with their choice of working hours and comfort. If you’re the one who likes to ignite and enlighten minds and have the talent of getting your messages across, then teaching is for you.

They say that nothing is more satisfying than spreading knowledge and making the world a better place. In fact, there are several jobs in the hospitality industry which require proficiency in a particular language.

Learning a new language could also add brownie points to your resume and take you further higher on the ladder of success. The possibilities are endless and the world is your oyster. Hope you explore life and enjoy the additional 10% discount if you mention this blog at the time of registration ;)