Japanese is the native language of the East Asian country of Japan (where it is also the national language). This language is greatly inspired by Chinese, as a huge chunk of its vocabulary is borrowed from there. It is based on hiragana, Katakana and Kanji characters (Chinese characters) which are a little difficult to grasp but once learnt will be of great use and applicability.

    As Japan looks towards exercising a greater influence in the world, Japanese is also becoming increasingly important as a language in today’s era. One quick fact that proves increasing Japanese impact is that some MNCs which have captured a considerable world market share in electronics market belong to Japan. These companies have shown great resilience in turbulent times due to their culture and management practices.

    Japanese language programme at our centre is apt for people seeking to learn Japanese in a meticulous manner. Students looking to be a part of the Japan success story and professionals who want to venture into the Japanese market will greatly benefit from the comprehensive curriculum of this course. The reason is that grammar and pronunciation are greatly emphasised through all interactive sessions. In addition, one of the inherent characteristics of speaking Japanese which will also be taught to all the learners is maintaining politeness in words usage, body language and tone.

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