Eyeing the prospect of dominating the world, principal Korean economies are expanding their political and economic influence wherever possible. They are also increasingly signing bilateral and multilateral trade agreements with various nations to boost their trade relations and to open a larger factor and consumer market for their firms. This has made Korean language a preferred choice of many, when it comes to studying a foreign language. Also Korean music, films etc. have been able to capture good viewership.But ignorance about the language still acts as a barrier to fully capitalise upon the opportunity in the films and arts sector (since English subtitles are still used).

    In view of all of this, the fact remains that the supply of Korean speakers, translators and interpreters is much less than the demand. Therefore Korean language can offer a lot of openings to the people who are interested in carving out a niche for themselves. At our centre, Korean is taught with extensive focus on writing and reading so that basic understanding of the language is gained. Along with this, to introduce an angle of hand-on experience, simulation techniques like real life inspired talks are also conducted. This gives professionals, to-be trainers, translators, interpreters etc. a confidence boost that is the first and foremost requirement for anything to be accomplished.

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