Think of Italy you immediately think of pizza you had recently. Italian cuisine has captured the imagination of every globe trotter be it virtual or real. Exotic flavors of every Italian dish prepared with mild spices are so delicious, that sometimes people fall short of words to give a proper appreciation. Another distinguishing feature of Italy is its art and fashion labels, which figure among the world’s most alluring and luxurious. Because of these high profile industries, people are longing to do business with Italians and that  makes  learning Italian indispensable for them.

    Italian is a romantic language which has descended from Latin. The specialty of this language is that if any foreign word is used in it, then it is done by adding an extra vowel sound at the end, such that the words sound poetic and pleasing to the ears.

    Conversing regularly in Italian, to get the right pronunciation and to flourish is necessary for becoming a maven. That’s why in our Italian language programme, we focus on social group interactions and make them a routine drill for all the learners. Highly qualified trainers have structured the course in a manner that could best impart the knowledge of this language, with culture studies being incorporated in the syllabus alongside. A comprehensive approach undertaken for this course is extremely helpful to people who are looking to venture in the Italian culinary, art and fashion industry.

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