About Us


"Ours is not an institute with classrooms but it is a centre for stimulating and invigorating learning."


World Languages Centre is a hub for excellent training in foreign languages. With its highly proficient professionally trained faculty, latest  technical facilities along with the best educational aids, this centre provides comprehensive courses in various foreign languages in a friendly and aesthetic environment. By providing comprehensive courses in various foreign languages, we aim to facilitate free communication amongst the people of the world to make it a perfect global village, as along with training the students in language we introduce them to the culture and customs of the country too. The upshot is that the students identify with what they are learning and get  deep rooted understanding of the correct usage of words. We are a one-stop destination for the students, corporate professionals and everyone who wants to learn a foreign language in a comprehensive manner. By offering tailor made courses in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Korean and Arabic with special focus on spoken language and comprehensive grammar,  we prepare vanguards of the future. The centre also specializes in providing other language related services, including translation, interpretation and specialized training programmes for the corporates.


At World Languages Centre  we feel that language is just not words. It is a grid of culture, natives and hearts. Our classroom teachings extend beyond notebook and pen. We believe in holistic  development of our students regarding their knowledge of the language and encourage out of the box learning. The well structured and properly designed courses being offered by World Languages Centre aim at giving  in-depth knowledge of the language being taught. We are fully equipped with the latest technology and use interactive methods, tools and techniques that aid in teaching. They act as an added advantage because they improve the basic learning experience, ultimately making the listener receptive. Student engagement through interactions and discussions is also greatly focused on in our classes, so that along with learning to communicate, students become proficient and confident in both in written and oral communication as well.

So in World Languages Centre you will learn foreign languages in Delhi, here you will learn English, you will be learning French and also you will learn Chinese and  learn German.