Language Programmes

At World Languages Centre, we take pride in our strategy, staff, help services, and user friendly environment.

  • Classrooms and Technology - We have classrooms with adequate space and employ the latest technology. Our classrooms are designed for the use of modern teaching methods.
  •  Experienced Faculty - Our teaching faculty includes dedicated and trained instructors. They assess the needs and develop the curriculum so that the  learner gets to be taught which would yield the best results. 
  • Interactive training format –The way of teaching implemented by us, makes the training process quicker, and interactive. Interactive and brainstorming sessions add to the quality of the learning process.
  • Imparting the culture of the country –These days, business deals and agreements are taking place across boundaries. The executives visit different countries and communicate to accomplish their tasks. If they are aware of the cultural ethics and know-how, they would be in a better position to deal with their partners. They will have an upper say amongst their peers as well. Therefore, our instructors focus upon imparting the knowledge about the culture of the particular country along with language training.
  • Unique Working strategy - We strive for well-planned courses that can be finished on time. Our timely and concise training helps our learners to accomplish their goals faster, in this competition driven market. Student satisfaction is one of the major goals that we strive for. We aim at providing quality training and satisfying the purpose of individuals who choose to study for professional, academic, or any other reasons.

Scope of foreign languages

Linguistic limitations must be crossed in order to communicate across the World. Almost all the sectors such as business, educationand corporate require effective communication. Therefore, the need for learning foreign languages is spreading like a fire. They are becoming popular day by day. Their infinite potential and effectiveness is making the foreign languages extremely demanding in today’s arena.

  • Need - There are many multi-national companies which are dealing with other organizations across the globe. In such cases, there arises a need for foreign language experts who can process translation, transactions, and reporting of documents. The need of learning foreign languages can be considered as an additional qualification, but it is becoming one of the essential qualifications today.
  • Scope - Before embarking on any venture, humans have a peculiar tendency to assess its scope in the future. Well, you need not put a second thought to it, as the scope of foreign languages is endless. Job opportunities are opening up in diverse fields across boundaries. With knowledge of the required languages at tips, you can secure a well-paying job with the least delay. Some areas where your knowledge of foreign languages can set you apart from others include:


  •         Tourism and travel
  •          Airlines sector
  •          KPO/BPO sector (It requires dealing with onshore and offshore clients)
  •          Information technology sector (It is booming in the market today)
  •          Learning and education sector
  •          Import and export business and many more.

      The list is endless. Come and pave the way for success with us.