What is WLC’s Corporate Training?

At WLC, we believe communication is a key to an individual’s success in the workplace. We train company employees to communicate adequately and efficaciously. Moreover, the ability to interact in the language of their clients helps employees build fruitful relations and equip them to effectively and efficiently achieve aims and objectives contributing overall to the success of the company.

Our Corporate Training Program is all pervasive covering most of the management requirements like development of soft skills, personality development and public relations. Along with equipping your staff with proficient language skills to communicate effectively and confidently in corporate settings, we additionally integrate various aptitude workshops to meet the requirements of a 21st century workplace, such as:

Leadership Training: We train your employees to develop effective problem-solving and decision making techniques along with various other key leadership skills.

Team-Building Workshop: We help build effective negotiation skills, enhance persuasive powers and strong communication ability in your staff.

Stress Management Workshop: Higher stress level among your staff results in lower productivity. We help your employees to look at work-related stress in a positive sense and hence, encourage them to contribute their utmost to the success of the company.

Time Management Workshop: Time, being the most precious resource needs to be utilised effectively and productively. In our Time Management workshop, we coach your employees to manage their time efficiently and creatively.

Our expertise in teaching languages combined with our understanding of corporate work culture facilitates industrious training programs to all organisations looking to train their employees in the language and culture of any targeted area.

Benefits of WLC’s corporate training:

  • Convenience – Training is provided at the client’s preferred location.
  • Flexibility – Learning hours are set according to the company’s convenience.
  • Relevant content – tailor-made contents to suit your organisational needs and requirements focussing on core skills of language development.
  • Build your Arabic vocabulary having fun in a total conversational environment.
  • Efficient – We conduct regular assessments and strive to ensure 100% results. All our courses are based on a communicative, student-centered teaching approach designed to engage and challenge trainees to improve quickly.

What we offer

  • Needs Assessment
  • Our professional instructors assess your company’s language needs and requirements to propose and design a course that derives maximum satisfaction.
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Our Instructors are fully qualified professionals with years of experience and success possessing relevant degrees in specific subject areas.
  • Course schedules are flexible and consist of intensive, semi-intensive or weekly sessions. Training can be held at a time and place most convenient to the busy employee(s)
  • Tailor-made Courses
  • We design our courses according to the results of the language needs assessment to support the requirements of clients’ workplace and desired targets.

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