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Why learn French?

French is a global language with more than 300 million people speaking it in five continents, revealing thus, the rich cultural & historical heritage of France..

It is the second most learnt language after English and the fifth most widely spoken language across the world. It is also the only language alongside English that is taught in almost every country in the world. Internationally, French serves as both a working language and an official language in the United Nations Organisation and its various agencies, the European Union, the African Union, the International Court of Justice and many others.

For their academic excellence, French universities and business schools are ranked among the top institutions not just in Europe but around the world at large. In this context, learning French offers a smoother ride in one’s journey of enrolment as a student in such establishments.

French is, certainly, a language for the international job market. France is a key economic partner and the ability to speak French along with English gives one a significant competitive advantage over others. With French language proficiency certificates, one has a better chance of getting employed as a translator or interpreter in various multinational corporations, embassies or other national or international government or private institutions. If you are desirous of finding yourself a niche in finance, wealth management, luxury goods, manufacturing, or even reporting, especially in the European Union, then, knowledge of French language will certainly favour your ambition because there, knowing just English is not enough.

Learning French is the pleasure of learning of a beautiful language that is rich, soft, melodious and romantic. For this reason, French is also often addressed as the Language of Love. It is an analytical language that structures the thought process and develops critical thinking, which serves as a valuable skill in discussions and negotiations. And hence, the title of being the Language of Reason, too, has been accorded to it. Learning French can help one master other foreign languages, especially the Romance languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. Grasping these languages after the attainment of French proficiency becomes easier because the words in these languages are usually pronounced as they appear, an interesting fact which is in sharp contrast to French’s silent letters. The expansive nature of French is also established by the fact that even the English language owes half of its vocabulary to it as many words have been taken into English from French language.

The French capital, Paris, acts as the centre of the fashion industry being the abode of certain prime designers like Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Pierre Cardin and so on. France has also been home to a significant number of influential thinkers and writers like Jean Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Jean Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and the like, whose works have greatly contributed to the dominance of French literature in Europe, enlightening the readers even globally. Every year, France records the visits of more than 87 million tourists and in turn, earns for itself the title of being world’s most popular tourist destinations. Learning French, in such a scenario, will definitely enrich your Paris trip and bring you closer to better experience the famous French culture and way of life.

Learning a language is only partially about vocabulary and grammar. A huge part involves fostering an appreciation for the traditions, religions, arts and history of the people associated with it. In other words, one becomes cognisant of the importance of cultural assimilation. To add further, language learning is also known to facilitate mental agility. It provides some significant health benefits including fighting Alzheimer’s, improving memory and building self-confidence. A prolonged functional brain will, undoubtedly, serve as a boon to one in one’s later stages of life.

With our flexible French language programmes, you can:

  • Choose from a wide range of course types – presential or online, study in a batch or take one-on-one classes.
  • Build your French vocabulary having fun in a total conversational style.
  • With in-depth and vivid exposure, develop a natural accent of French.
  • Talk to French Natives.
  • Learn French with ease with our student-centered teaching methodology.
  • Take innumerable French audio-visual sessions using the latest technical infrastructure for practical exposure.
  • Get a deep insight into French culture and customs.
  • Prepare for international exams like DELF, TEF, TCF or TEFAQ etc.

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Different Levels in French Language :

As per the international standards i.e. CEFR ( Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) guidelines, the courses are divided into 6 step-by-step levels from A1 to C2. Successful completion of each level will guarantee smooth progression to the next level.

The six (step-by-step) reference levels are - A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. These levels are grade an individual’s learning and attainment of the language proficiency. At each level, four skills are evaluated : listening, speaking, reading & writing. Let’s find out in detail what each level incorporates :

Level Duration Areas Covered Overview of this level
Level A1 Intensive course: 1.5 months [Classes 5 days a week] Or Semi Intensive: 3.5 months [Classes on alternate days] Speaking Reading Listening Writing Vocabulary       Grammar It is the Beginner’s level where the learner is taught familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases. To be able to introduce oneself as well as others and to be in a position to ask and respond to simple questions involving personal details, such as where one resides, one’s age, one’s likes and dislikes and so on, form an important aspect of this level. This level is suitable for those who want to pursue French out of personal interest or are planning a trip to a French speaking region or are particularly passionate about arts and literature.
Level Duration Areas Covered Overview of this level
Level A2 Intensive course: 1.5 months [Classes 5 days a week] Or Semi Intensive: 3.5 months [Classes on alternate days] Speaking Reading Listening Writing Vocabulary      Grammar It is the Elementary level where the learner is able to get involved in direct exchange of information revolving around familiar and routine matters. An ability to communicate aspects of one’s background or immediate environment is an essential feature of this level. This level attracts individuals keen on pursuing French language with a greater interest in exploring equally the culture associated with it.
Level Duration Areas Covered Overview of this level
Level B1 Intensive course: 2.5 months [Classes 5 days a week] Or Semi Intensive: 5 months [Classes on alternate days] Speaking Reading Listening Writing Vocabulary      Grammar It is known as the Intermediate level where the learner is exposed to more vocabulary and richer expressions or phrases enabling him or her to express their opinions or plans, describe experiences or events or even talk about their dreams, hopes and ambitions. The learner is also in a better position to offer reasons or explanations of different situations or circumstances. Understanding of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics makes this level a little challenging than the earlier two levels. This level is specifically required to be pursued if one intends to pursue a career in French language, either as a faculty in an educational organisation or as an employee in any multinational enterprise.
Level Duration Areas Covered Overview of this level
Level B2 Intensive course: 2.5 months [Classes 5 days a week] Or Semi Intensive: 5 months [Classes on alternate days] Speaking Reading Listening Writing Vocabulary       Grammar It is the Upper-Intermediate level which starts moulding the learner into a fluent independent speaker. The learner at this stage is able to express ideas on technical issues effortlessly and get involved spontaneously in interactions with native speakers without any difficulty for either party during the exchange of thoughts and viewpoints. This level helps one in making a career in various multinational corporations, other government and international institutions or even in embassies as French translators or interpreters
Level Duration Areas Covered Overview of this level
Level C1 Intensive course: 2.5 months [Classes 5 days a week] Or Semi Intensive: 5 months [Classes on alternate days] Speaking Reading Listening Writing Vocabulary      Grammar It is the Advanced level or the Near-Native level where the learner finds himself or herself better equipped to make use of the language flexibly and convincingly to meet various social, academic or professional purposes. The ability to understand with ease virtually everything heard or read develops at this stage and the speaker feels empowered to summarise information from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation. This level is meant for people aiming either to settle down in a francophone region or pursue higher studies in French language. One’s prospect of being recruited in a French company also gets fairly strengthened.
Level Duration Areas Covered Overview of this level
Level C2 Intensive course: 2.5 months [Classes 5 days a week] Or Semi Intensive: 5 months [Classes on alternate days] Speaking Reading Listening Writing Vocabulary      Grammar It is the Mastery or Proficiency level where the learner, eventually, is able to produce a clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organisational patterns and logical connectors. He or she can express themselves spontaneously, fruitfully, impressively and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in the most complex situations. This level being the culmination level of proficiency in French language is better suited for learners consciously desirous of adopting French as their vocation in life. Residing permanently in France or any other French dominant region or being employed in any French multinational enterprise not just becomes smooth but also the pleasure of being a proficient user of this language makes the person gleam with pride and happiness.

Different Courses Offered :

At WLC, we provide a range of courses for all age groups matching up to their requirements and expectations in a given time-frame. Some of them are mentioned below :

Travel Course

Do you intend to visit a Francophone country in the near future ? Equip yourself with the Travel course offered by WLC. This course is equivalent to the A1 level of French language. Such a course is designed so as to teach the fundamentals of this beautiful language to travellers planning a trip to France or any other francophone country in order that their stay turn out to be an enriching one. This contemporary, interactive course allows you to develop your speaking and listening abilities while successfully addressing your travel demands. Learners who pursue this course are able to inculcate in them the necessary language skills and find themselves conversing well with the locals throughout their stay. This course is extremely useful in scenarios where making a reservation in a hotel, ordering a meal, locating a railway station or simply striking up a conversation with a local are concerned.

Crash Courses

Are you busy as a bee but still want to enhance your academic credentials ? Or are you willing to soon undertake a travel trip to a French speaking country ? Take the crash course in French language to prepare quickly and intensively for either taking French proficiency tests/exams in order to facilitate your career plans or to make your stay in France or other francophone regions a comfortable and pleasant one by initiating conversations and interactions in the native language

Online Classes

WLC’s program of online classes allows you to enjoy learning French from the comfort of your home which may be in any corner of the world. With up-to-date teaching methodology and techniques, you will be able to refine your passion and glorify your educational journey, eventually bringing better employment options to your door. Certain benefits of learning French online may be listed as below :

  • You are offered a flexible schedule
  • You can take classes from anywhere.
  • An easy access to good pedagogy comes in hand
  • Language learning becomes possible in a cost-effective manner.
  • You can savour a comfortable and convenient completion of the course
  • Courses can be customised to satisfy your individual requirements
  • You can make the most through interactive & engaging sessionss.
  • Doubts find an easy resolution through multiple interactions with the trainer

Customised Course

WLC provides the only French language course in Delhi/NCR that is customised in order to efficiently meet the unique requirements of the learners. To create your own customised course, get in touch with us and relish the learning process through an innovative and engrossing approach.

French Speaking/Listening Course

This course is tailored to help the learners with prior knowledge of French language in overcoming their shortcomings in the different skills, namely, listening, speaking, reading and writing, that constitute being proficient at it.

French for kids

Nowadays, French learning is offered to school students from 5th standard onwards. The « French for kids » course helps children develop good conceptual clarity of the language from the beginning, enabling them to pursue higher education in French at a later stage of life, if they so like.

DELF / DALF Courses

DELF ( Diplôme d’études en langue française ) & DALF ( Diplôme approfondi en langue française ) are internationally recognised French language proficiency certifications with lifelong validity, conducted for all age groups and awarded by the French Ministry of Education to non-native speakers of French. If you are keen on getting your French linguistic skill evaluated and certified, join us at the earliest, for our trainers will guide you in this endeavour and help you attain the proficiency certificate with a roaring success.

TEF / TCF / TEFAQ Courses

The Test d'évaluation de français (TEF) is not a typical French exam. It is one of the toughest French language exams and a high TEF score can open doors to new career and life opportunities for students in francophone countries such as Canada and France. The Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF) is a French-language proficiency test accredited by the French Ministry of Education for non-native French speakers who wish to evaluate and have their level of proficiency certified for professional, academic or personal reasons. The TCF for Québec is a specific version of the Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF) which has been elaborated by the France Education International based on the request of the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities of Québec (MICC) to assess French language competency in those wishing to emigrate to Québec, Canada. If you are interested in immigrating to Québec, Canada under Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW), Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) or one of many programs for business people, you can consider Test d’évaluation du Français adapté pour le Québec (TEFAQ) to boost your overall score. In short, the TEF, TCF and TEFAQ Preparation courses at WLC focus on enhancing the different skills, i.e., listening, reading, writing and speaking, required to be proficient in the language. With the right pedagogy, thorough groundwork and effective tutoring, our students feel empowered to take these exams and score high grades furthering their academic excellence and ambitions.

French for Canada

If you are looking forward to moving to Canada for professional, personal or academic reasons, pursuing the « French for Canada » course from WLC will help you ease the settlement process in your new country of domicile, make new friends and engage yourself in fundamental interactions with the locals so as to be allowed access to initial jobs or other better employment opportunities.

Group Classes and Individual Classes

WLC is the only educational centre that provides to its learners the choice of learning any foreign language either being a part of group classes or opting for an individual class batch.

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