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Interpretation services

World Languages Centre provides high quality interpretation services to business, corporate sectors, and even tourists at competitive rates to facilitate hassle-free business ventures and ease of communication with locals.

Highlights of our interpretation services:

Certified Interpreters

Our interpreters are well-versed in their languages and are professionally certified. They are well aware of the culture of the countries they work for. Hence, their representation and interpretation is always in line with the social ethics.

A wide array of interpretation services

Whether you need to interpret an urgent phone call, small meeting or an important business conference, World Language Centre can provide Simultaneous, Consecutive, Liason and Escort interpreters at convenient rates to help you interact with ease.

A huge network of professional interpreters

Our efficient network of interpreters consists of experts in dozens of subject areas with extensive experience of serving the interpretation industry.
We carefully select interpreters for each client keeping in mind their requirements and the language needed to be interpreted.

Interpretation in all languages, in diverse fields

We provide eminent interpretation services of all major foreign languages and regional languages to corporate, medical, law and government companies with our team of well-experienced and professionally trained interpreters to name a few be it is French to English and vice versa, Japanese to English and vice versa or Chinese to English or any other foreign language you can rely on us for your interpretation needs.

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