Our Training Programs cover the customs, culture specialities, diction, lexicon, vocabulary, grammar and a lot more concerning the languages we teach. We provide a balanced focus on all the core skills of languages i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Skills. Moreover, we strive to provide a platform where one not only learns but converse comfortably in the language.

Our experienced instructors ensure that top notch training is imparted to the students, and they are prepared well for cracking the International Competency Exams of their chosen language. Training is conducted by Certified Language Teachers.

  • We conduct the training at our premises, or clients’ premises (based on the requirement).
  • All the Study Materials and Contents are prepared in-house.
  • Effective Teaching Methodology.
  • Well defined Standard courses to pass International Proficiency Tests.

Specific Attributes of our Teaching Methodology:

  • Focus on development of core communication skills (situational language teaching method)
  • Special focus on clients’ requirements with focus on clients’ specific terminology.
  • Strong emphasis on learning grammatical and phonological structure of the language, especially for speaking (Audio-lingual teaching methodology)
  • Interactive sessions with native speakers.

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